Predictive Analytics

Get the view into the possible future today.

Predictive Analytics gives you an actionable insight into the future With Nuvola Analytics, you can go beyond investigating what happened in the past and start discovering insights about the future. With our predictive analytics, the historical data about your cloud consumption is used to build up trends and forecast what will happen in the future.

Trend Analytics Nuvola Analytics is utilising time-series forecasting algorithms to identify trends and predict future values. Having this feature, you can conduct trend analysis of anything: costs, resources consumption, savings opportunities, you name it.

Budget Planning and Forecasting in Nuvola AnalyticsBudget Planning and Forecasting Nuvola Analytics provides you not only with the information about your budget compliance in the past, but also with cloud costs estimate for the future as well. Analyse whether you are fitting into budgeted amount or it’s time to ask for more. Keep track of the bigger picture and avoid imprecise budgeting in future periods.

Proactive alerts in Nuvola AnalyticsProactive alerts Alerting is a very comfortable and effective way to monitor cloud consumption that everybody got used to. With our forecasting engine embedded into alerts, you can take your control over cloud to the next level. Set up customisable alerts that will warn you about the event before it actually happens so you can adjust your strategy and take actions until it’s too late.