Cloud Budget Management

Plan and track budgets at any level meaningful to your organization.

Managing multi cloud budget with Nuvola Analytics Proper budget management is essential to success with ongoing cloud transformation. This includes planning, setting the budget goals, tracking and reporting, and maintaining involvement of users, business, and executives.

Transparent budgeting Once decided to use cloud services, you rarely limit yourself to only one cloud provider. Detailed budgets for every provider result in complexity that is confusing. Nuvola Analytics consolidates all your costs from various providers in one place. That’s why you can set up budgets at business and projects levels and control your cloud consumption against the project budget, not a CSP subscription. View changes in your expenses compared to budgeted amount and make decisions whether you are fitting into budget or it’s time to ask for more.

easy cloud budget management with Nuvola AnalyticsEasy budget approvals Budgetary approval can make or break your year. Sometimes it is difficult because finance executives have a limited understanding of IT and use a different vocabulary. Nuvola Analytics helps you to find common ground between IT and Finance. Identifying the right amount or getting enough funding is not challenging any more. You can analyze budget compliance among similar projects running now or in the past, make estimations basing on Variance to date value, and get access to all previously created budgets. With Nuvola Analytics your budget proposal will be always good and precise, so you can be sure that you will receive the funding you need to deliver extraordinary value.

Budget Alerts in Nuvola AnalyticsBudget alerts Budget alerts are crucial to avoid your cloud expenses getting out of hand. Nuvola Analytics keeps you always informed. You can set up budget alerts that notify you when a certain event occurs. For example, if you have exceeded a spending threshold for a certain projects portfolio.