Enterprise Lens

Manage the Cloud infrastructure costs in the context of your business.

Nuvola Analytics gives you a relevant, actionable and timely insight into the cloud consumption and costs

It does not matter how big your cloud infrastructure is or across how many cloud providers it deployed, the goal Nuvola Analytics is to give you a relevant, actionable and timely insight into the cloud consumption and costs in the context of your organization or project structure.

For example, when you manage the budget of the project, why should you care how many accounts or subscription the project’s workloads are deployed to or how many other workloads deployed into the same account? Everything you care is the project performance against the budget goal, favourable variance and a risk of exceeding the budget. And this is exactly what Nuvola Analytics does for you, it gives you the information you care about and takes care of everything else.

When we designed our solution we analysed problems which organization face during their cloud journey and built the product which helps to address them. We made Nuvola Analytics easy to integrate with enterprise internal systems to enrich reporting capabilities. With Nuvola Analytics you do not need to make your infrastructure a database of records of your cost visualisation tool and put huge efforts into the maintenance of the consistency of fifty tags just to be able to build relevant reports.

We also understand that organization faces cultural shift during cloud adoption, as decision making how to spend money and which technologies to use spreads across the organization. Without building a culture of accountability for cloud spend organization could very fast realise that it fails to achieve its goals in the cloud. Nuvola Analytics brings you an excessive set of KPI’s which provides you with valuable insight into how the organization and every team perform in the cloud and allow easily pinpoint bottlenecks or bad practices.