Cloud KPI's

Are you hitting all your cloud adoption goals?
Use Cloud KPI’s and Performance Scorecards to measure your organization's performance in the cloud

Cloud KPI's in Nuvola Analytics'

When an enterprise embarks on a journey of public cloud adoption there is a lot of expectations: increase in business agility, reduction of time to market, technology teams’ productivity increase, overall IT costs reductions, it is a long list to name them all. Then, after the significant investment in a technology, people and time is made comes a question, how do we measure the success? What metrics and KPIs should we consider to ensure that implementation of the cloud strategy is heading in the right direction?

Based on the experience of our clients we developed a few metrics which help not only get a grasp of what is happening in the cloud, but also help the organization to build a culture of accountability for the cloud costs and gain the insight into how efficient the organization in the cloud compared to own datacentres.

All metrics are easy to understand and designed for both technical and none technical audience, as their goal is to communicate the impact of cloud adoption across all business functions. Most impactful metrics tracked by Nuvola Analytics are Non-production environments uptime, Compute Instance lifetime, Opportunity Costs, Realized and Unrealized Savings measured across all opportunities, like environment uptime, elasticity, workload rightsizing, wasted resources, reservations and their utilisation and etc.

KPI’s could be tracked through the dashboard or be delivered to mailboxes or Slack channels similar to other scheduled reports. Nuvola Analytics also gives you a unique opportunity to look into the history of KPI’s and correlate it with decisions made and impact of these decisions on the costs, efficiency, and productivity.