Cloud Resource Optimizer

Make sure you spend on the cloud what you need and not a cent more.

Non-Production Environments Uptime monitoring in Nuvola Analytics Cloud brings a lot of great benefits, but it also comes with challenges and the biggest one of them is a huge opportunity to waste a lot of money in a very short amount of time due to inefficient utilisation or misuse of cloud resources. Thus, ability to detect and eliminate a waste becomes a task number one for any organization which migrates its workloads into the cloud.

Nuvola Analytics Cloud Optimizer is a unique tool which allows to detect and eliminate the waste in the cloud. Why is it unique? Just because of we are not only looking into savings coming from overprovisioning of the resources, we also help an organization to build a culture of accountability for cloud spend across the organization.

Non-Production Environments Uptime
One of the huge opportunities to save money in the cloud is simply to turn off non-production workloads when your teams do not need them and this simple action could save you up to 64% of your compute costs. Nuvola Analytics tracks uptime figures for each of your environment and project helping to visualize and monetize this opportunity.

Rightsizing of cloud instances and detection of underutilized cloud resources in Nuvola AnalyticsRightsizing of compute instances
Overprovisioning of the compute is another significant waster. Nuvola Analytics constantly monitors workloads and identifies compute and database instances for downsizing optimisation. It also allows users to set up policies which will automate downsizing of workloads within specific environments or projects making sure that opportunities were not missed.

Storage and Network resources waste detection.
Nuvola Analytics detects lost, unattached or not used storage volumes and elements of network infrastructure like IP addresses, load balancing vip’s and etc. It also flags for optimisation overprovisioned storage based on the utilisation thresholds set by the users.

AWS and Azure Reserved Instance Planning in Nuvola Analytics AWS and Azure Reserved Instances optimization.
Nuvola Analytics could significantly simplify management of your Reserve Instances portfolio ensuring that your organization maximises ROI of your RI investment. It will constantly monitor workload pattern of your infrastructure and suggests additional RI purchases and also will remind you when current reservations are going to expire so you can renew them well in advance.
For all optimisation recommendations, Nuvola Analytics presents opportunity costs of running resources without optimisation. It also counts realized savings for recommendations which were followed giving the organization a unique insight into project teams’ attitude regarding optimisation of the cloud infrastructure. With help of powerful visualisation engine users of the Nuvola Analytics can easily compare opportunity costs vs total cloud costs to articulate the scale of the problem.