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Public Cloud Cost Visualization in Nuvola Analytics

Slice and dice how you like it
Consumption of cloud services tends to change and mainly to grow. Measurement of cloud performance requires aligned to business metrics that will provide your professionals with relevant knowledge. Presence of valuable insight displayed in figures supports the identification of right KPIs and setting of attainable target values. Nuvola Analytics employs market best practices and grants ability for data modification, such as drill down and up, changing aggregation levels, any kind of filters, groups, etc. Design fully customised reports to stay aware of the current status of your cloud services performance.

Are you still not a Cloud broker?
The complexity of billing data from multiple cloud vendors leads to complexity in bringing all data to unified standards. There is no more problem to get a complete picture of all your cloud spending statistics. This creates a much more efficient decision-making process while simultaneously making it easier for the IT staff to monitor costs across mixed environment. Representation of both financial and operational metrics in the single dashboard will be easy to understand for nontechnical specialists as well.

Insight into present – awareness of future
Be confident in cloud with a high level of data granularity that gives the opportunity to scrutinise and investigate reports and diagrams backwards and forwards. Mix and match different measures, like costs, resources, opportunities and budgets within the single report to get better analytical insight. Get quick real-time access to uncover the trends in cloud services consumption enterprise-wide with the perfect business intelligence tools.