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Back in 2016, when the first version of the product in Nuvola Analytics was created, we had already foreseen the challenges enterprise customers will face operating multi-cloud workloads. Our tool was far ahead of the competitors that now try to present our existing features as innovation. Using our experience, we have designed the new version of the Nuvola Analytics’ platform, which can help you solve all demanded issues with hybrid cloud cost monitoring and optimization.

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About Us

Nuvola Analytics platform is designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of modern businesses operating in multi-cloud environments. We understand the challenges faced by organizations in allocating and tracking cloud costs across organizations. That's why our solution provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to cloud cost management.

With our innovative product, you can easily allocate 100% of your cloud costs, regardless of the service providers you use and gaps in tagging you might have. We bridge the gap in tagging by accurately organizing your cloud expenses, adding virtual tags without big efforts for you, ensuring you have a clear understanding of where your resources are being utilized.

We believe that optimization is a key to achieving cost efficiency, and our solution is specifically designed to help you identify areas where improvements can be made. Our optimization recommendations empower you to make informed decisions about your cloud resources, minimizing unnecessary expenses.

team working
team working

We understand that cloud cost optimization is not just about numbers; it's also about building a culture of responsibility for cloud spending within enterprise and understanding the business context behind the data. Our product goes beyond just providing cost figures and adds valuable business insights to your cloud data. By aligning your cloud costs with your business objectives, you can make data-driven decisions that have a significant impact on your organization's success.

Nuvola Analytics is dedicated to helping organizations achieve maximum cost savings, resource efficiency, and overall excellence in cloud cost management. With our user-friendly and powerful cloud cost optimization product, you can take control of your cloud expenses with minimum effort and maximum results.

Join us on this journey towards cloud cost management and optimization. Explore our website for more details regarding features and opportunities and feel free to reach out to our team with any questions or inquiries.

What makes us different

Flexibility Compared to other tools Nuvola Analytics adjusts for the requirements of each individual customer.
Effortless cost allocation With the use of Nuvola Analytics our customers are able to allocate 100% of cloud costs without involving engineers.
Truly multi-cloud As a multi cloud platform, Nuvola Analytics knows how to manage and normalize cloud data of diverse types and represent it clearly and transparently.
Different scopes Product is designed for various people with different levels of involvement in cloud services, such as FinOps, DevOps, CCPSs Context-specific attributes enrich the data and make them relevant to each group.
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Rightsizing and optimization feature that monitors all resource cross-cloud is one of the great instruments of cost reduction. Additionally, RI Wizard in Nuvola Analytics helps our customers plan reservation capacity and achieve maximum savings with minimum risks. Advanced BI style reporting module is a great support for analysts to discover additional spots for cost reduction. Centralized budget management is a helping hand for those who want to compare actual costs with budget. Predictive analytics and alerting service will warn you about undesirable cost increase, budget limit excess and other upcoming issues.

Nuvola Analytics has an amazing option to bring in unlimited number of hierarchies with boundless levels within defined hierarchies. Our customers can monitor costs, budgets and resources from different perspectives. For example, cost center view might be interesting for finance team, project view – for DevOps, business unit view – for management, etc.

Virtual tags are also a great tool that enriches customer data and opens additional horizons for data exploration. Nuvola Analytics supports account and resource level tags. One of the favorite dimensions of our clients is resource and project OWNERS tracking, which is possible and actionable with the use of virtual tags.

Reserve Capacity Planning Wizard in Nuvola Analytics helps our customers plan reservation capacity and achieve maximum savings with minimum risks. Plan your reservation purchases based on your current portfolio. If the customer has already purchased reservations, RI Wizard will help to improve the current portfolio based on a massive list of parameters the user can select to model optimization scenarios. If there are no RIs purchased yet, it is not a problem also, Nuvola Analytics is going to advise the best options.

Centralized budget management is a helping hand for those who want to control the budget in the context of complex organization. Budget control gives you confidence that you do not run out of budget. Nuvola Analytics’ algorithm, based on predictive analytics and AI, will warn you in advance if there are any anomalies coming up.

Compared to most of the tools in the market, Nuvola Analytics is truly multi cloud. Data normalization can be a challenging task for multi-cloud tools, as billing data from different service providers varies and changes. However, Nuvola Analytics knows how to resolve this problem through normalized data. Loading the data from various resources is not enough, there’s a need for data normalization and interpretation for the outcome to become multicloud indeed. Unique cross-cloud service classification helps our customers explore the data from different service providers and get consolidated view.