Introducing the ultimate business solution
for cloud analytics and management

Enterprise Lens over Cloud Consumption

Make your cloud costs meaningful, measurable, and manageable in the context of the business.
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Cloud KPIs

Measure your cloud success and get a visual overview of where things stand with KPIs designed especially for cloud.
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Cloud Cost Optimisation

Rightsize your AWS or Azure Instances to achieve maximum efficiency in managing costs.
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Predictive Analytics of Cloud Consumption

Stay alerted, build up plans and adjust your strategy of cloud utilisation with the valuable foresight.
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Cloud Budget Management

Set budgets for business units or projects and control its consumption on all levels of organizational structure.
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Cloud Governance

Coming soon.
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Why Nuvola?

Nuvola Analytics is an enterprise level Cloud Financial Governance solution that empowers business to reduce costs of cloud services whereas increasing their performance. Seamless integration with various cloud providers and internal enterprise systems offers the unique approach to managing a heterogeneous cloud environment.

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